Total Divas Clip with John Cena, WWE Looks at Compact Brawlers, More


– Courtesy of, here is the WWE Total Divas preview clip where John Cena shares an embarrassing in-ring accident with girlfriend Nikki Bella:

– WWE announced on Thursday that they will be opening a new international office in Munich, Germany soon.

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the 10 most dangerous wrestlers at 5-foot-10 and under. The list looks like this: Tazz, Mad Dog Vachon, Perry Saturn, Kevin Sullivan, Danny Hodge, Dean Malenko, Ray Stevens, Dynamite Kid, Ron Garvin and Nunzio.

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  1. Somebody is obviously missing at the top of that list 🙂

    Glad WWE found another show to stuff Cena in. RAW and Smackdown weren’t enough I guess.


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