Travis Banks & Ligero Released From WWE Amid #SpeakingOut Allegations


Multiple sources have confirmed that WWE has parted ways with both Ligero and Travis Banks, amid accusations throughout the #SpeakingOut movement on social media. The news was first reported by and John Pollock of POST Wrestling, respectively.

Independent wrestler Natalie Skyes, who became friends with Ligero at the age of 17 and trained under him, came forward with her story on June 18. She accused the former NXT UK star of making “constant” sexual comments about her, as well as “bullying” those she was in relationships with.

“He also became rather obsessive over my private relationships with people not involved in wrestling. Belittling me and bullying them and constantly highlighting how bad the relationship was and encouraging us to breakup.

“He would also bring up my dad, my dad is not someone I have talked about publicly but for context my dad has not been in my life for quite some time. Ligero thought it would be a good idea to psychoanalyse me and my relationship with my father. In the same message he compared himself to being my father figure whilst also joking about sleeping with me.”

English wrestler Millie McKenzie, who competed in WWE’s tournament to crown the first NXT UK Women’s Champion, came forward about a “secret one year relationship” she allegedly had with Travis Banks when she was 17-years-old, and he was 30.

“When I was 17, we had a secret one year relationship in which he wouldn’t speak to me or be near me in public in case anyone would find out. Cheated on me multiple times in front of my face, and was horrible to me. Had a massive effect on my mental health and self confidence. I hated wrestling and the person I became when I was with him.”

Banks issued the following statement in response:

“I’d like to issue a statement regarding Millie McKenzie’s comments:

“Millie was a trainee of mine at Fight Club: Pro. She was also a close personal friend. We would be at shows together, attend the same social events, travel together and hang out at the wrestlers house where I was living. It was through this friendship a consensual relationship was formed.

“The relationship broke down between both parties and it ended. After it ended we agreed to talk it out. We apologized to each other for any individual actions behind the relationship breakdown. After seeing those comments, I can only repeat my apology. I am truly sorry for any pain caused by the relationship.”