Triple H Comments on His Decision to “Fire” Cody Rhodes


Triple H commented on his decision to “fire” Cody Rhodes, writing on Twitter, “Sadly, many do not have the capacity to understand. It’s not about the individual, it’s about what’s best for everyone. #ThankYouCody”

Cody Rhodes’s profile has since then been removed from the active roster and placed under WWE’s alumni section.

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    • Now this is the stupidest response to this thread yet. Dustin had little talent to offer in WWE, so they made him a flamer. Cody Rhodes has much more athletic ability in the ring and he’s great on the mic. No need for another flamer gimmick.

      • You never heard Goldust old tv spots they were great. Not to mention he had some of the great matches with HHH or as you need to know Hunter Hearst Helmsley or even the Ultimate Warrior. It not that stupid I think that might be kinda cool way for him to mess with HHH or Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Because they had such a huge feud. Naw we wouldn’t expect you to remember that though Dumbass.

      • Dustin as “The Natural” Came Across As Boring Because The Cowboy Gimmick Had Been Played Out … Ron Bass, Windams, Dusty, Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, And The List Goes On … Hell, Look At Dusty, Over Is An Understatement And The WWE Stuck Him In PolkaDots. Never Put Anythiny Past The WWE!

  1. Word going around at RAW last night was that Cody Rhodes is taking a few
    weeks off to get married and go on his honeymoon. Cody is getting
    married to former WWE Diva Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles). He will be brought back to the storylines in a few weeks.

    • No s***… you’re just figuring this out now? I was on this many, many hours ago. Nothing like old news…

      • Oh What you just a cranky little guy. Some people don’t read all the columns like you! Stop being a jerk about it.

  2. WWE is getting soooo boring, they are trying to revive angles from 1997, but they don’t realize that you don’t have the guys from 1997.

    • This is WWE in a more serious, compelling atmosphere which really is Triple H’s creative idea. This isn’t boring at all. It puts bodies in seats and glues eyes to TVs. Get a clue, man.

      • lol have you ever seen WWF, if you have then I feel sorry that you think this is Triple H being creative, but if not then look back 15 years ago when it was 1 man against 10 every night, and if you don’t believe me then look up Stone Cold VS McMahon and you will see what i’m talking about. Don’t tell me to get a clue, I was here when Hulk Hogan left WWF for WCW, when Bret got screwed, when Kane brought the corpses of his parents to RAW and set them on fire, I saw the entire legacy of Stone Cold unfold, this isn’t WWE more serious, this is WWE lacking true creative skills and just trying to buy time until The Rock comes back for 3 months, or Lesnas for 1 PPV, the worst part is that Brian is actually talented, and still if you think all this is building up to him winning at the PPV then you got another thing coming, he will eventually win, but not until the know when Cena returns to take the title from him.

  3. Wrestling continues to fail. The violence, homosexuality, and saying its okay to be a liar and a cheat sets a poor example for our youth. There are a lot of ex cons, criminals, and poor role models making a lot of money in the name o violence. The shield and those three ex cons pretending to be violent hillbillies are a prime example. The McMahon Family who claim to be catholic are piss poor and greedy at best.

  4. Can I ask who is this everybody? I’ve been saying how boring the WWE has gotten for years now. They remind me of Wal-Mart. You see, Wal-Mart is low price when other places are around to compete and when there aren’t any competing places their prices get high and they get complacent. They mistreat their employees who then mistreat their customers. WWE, product is on the shelf, they mistreat their workers hence we (views) don’t get quality shows. It’s sports Entertainment but without the sport there is no entertainment.

  5. Pathetic McMan family can’t act and alway put someone else down to make themselves look good. Get back behind the camera and let the guys wrestle. No more stupid story lines with you as the main characters. Last raw 15 minutes of story drival before we finally get a match. TNA is much better wrestling with out the expensive story nonsense.

  6. Right. But what’s up with the direction the WWE is going? Ever since SummerSlam, they’ve been screwing over all the faces and putting all the heels over. Its really not fun to watch, and I’m tired of them forcing Randy Snorton down our throats. We deserve better.


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