Triple H Comments on HOF Building, Jim Ross Talks Internet Reports

– Triple H told the Orlando Business Jourlan that WWE is thinking beyond a physical Hall of Fame building to more of a “big attraction” that includes a Hall of Fame.

“I don’t want a Hall of Fame or some other attraction to just be something where people see some guy’s shorts. We are the WWE and we are big, so whatever we do needs to be the same. If I were to say what it could be, think of it as something that has shows or live interactive things for fans. For example, something like a 4-D experience where the fan would come face-to-face with a 3-D Andre the Giant – something along that scale.”

– Jim Ross commented on rumors of Vince McMahon not being a fan of Daniel Bryan in his updated Q&A section of

“If McMahon did not like Daniel Bryan then DB would not be in the role that he currently is. The internet isn’t always correct.”

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