Triple H Comments on WWE Competing With All Elite Wrestling


Triple H recently spoke on WWE’s NXT conference call, where he actually commented on All Elite Wrestling. The Game, as well as the rest of WWE, have been silent in regards to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks’ brand new pro wrestling company. But that is now no longer the case.

Hunter talked about AEW, including whether or not WWE views the new promotion as competition.

“It’s clearly something that we’ll keep an eye on and clearly something that–they’re out there doing their business. But we’ll do what is right for our business. We’ll continue to monitor everything and we say it all the time, but it’s not just a competitor like that. We compete against everything. When you’re a content provider, you compete against everything, including sleep and everything else.”

Triple H was a bit vague with his answer, but it’s apparent that AEW is definitely on WWE’s radar. Many fans are surely hoping that Cody and company can become real competition for Vince McMahon and the two companies may indeed butt heads in one way or the other, over the next year.

But WWE is a global brand that is also firmly entrenched in pop culture. So to imagine that any company could supplant WWE as the industry leader is perhaps a bit unrealistic. However that’s not to say that there’s not room for another player at the table.

AEW is only just getting started but the company has a tremendous amount of money and resources at its disposal. This means that they will surely make things very interesting when it comes to the immediate future of the pro wrestling business.