Triple H Confirms There Will Be More NXT UK Takeovers Moving Forward


Triple H recently spoke with the British media ahead of today’s WWE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II, where he discussed the NXT UK brand.

Today will mark the third NXT UK Takeover in history, with this being the second time that the show happens in Blackpool. All the shows have been met with huge fanfare, leading to people wanting more of them, and Triple H confirmed that is something they’re hoping to do.

“We absolutely will. As you can imagine, trying to put together a WWE calendar, with closing in on 600 live events all over the globe, is a difficult process and it’s a puzzle,” Hunter began. “If one thing changes it moves bits and pieces around and you don’t want to be running shows that step on each other. So it’s a bit of a puzzle. There absolutely are plans for more NXT UK TakeOvers this year. As you see even just now, this weekend we’re heading to Blackpool for another massive event there and then a few weeks from that, the NXT UK talent will be over here in Houston, Texas for Worlds Collide, where Imperium will face off with The Undisputed ERA.”

The Game then spoke about how he is hoping today’s show and WWE Worlds Collide will help make the NXT UK stars household names.

There will be so many other matches you will see on that card as it gets laid out here in the next few days and into the next week, ” he continued. “You will learn exactly what that entire card is, but as you will see, that card will be spectacular as well. So Worlds Collide will be another epic event. It’s all about the exposure for these talents and these brands and getting them the opportunity as you said to have these mega-events that you can build towards and you can give them these spectacle match of the year type things and make everybody into bigger and bigger stars and household names around the world.”

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