Triple H Discusses The Big Show’s Return, Kane’s New Role & More

WWE posted another storyline interview with Triple H by Michael Cole. Here are some highlights.

* Triple H discussed The Big Show being back and getting a WWE Title shot against Randy Orton.

* Triple H said that he wasn’t necessarily pressured into his decision about giving the Big Show a title shot.

* Cole said it was “the strangest thing” to see Kane in a suit and tie. Triple H asked Cole if it was stranger than Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

* Triple H said that Kane had asked for an opportunity, and his new role now is Director of Operations.

* When asked what Kane’s responsibilities would be, Triple H replied, “you will see.”

* Cole brought up Kane’s recent Tweets saying “this monster is yours to unleash.” Triple H responded saying, “Yes he is Cole. Yes he is.”

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  • Mike

    Another pay per view where the title match will end because of outside interference. Who would have guessed? Oh, that is right, everybody.

    • Mikeyxbox

      I hear you Mike. I know it’s beating a dead horse, but I will say it again. Why pay 50 bucks for a 3 hr PPV, when the next night you can see the same foolish stuff for 3 hrs free? PPV’s should have clear cut winners and losers, and once in a while do a screwjob. Not a screwjob on the fans every single PPV.

      • Joshua Nixon

        Im glad you mentioned the whole screwjob angle, cuz like you and everyone else I wanna see a decisive winner and loser. Cant wait to see the fallout from Survivor Series, hopefully the corporate angle will take a turn for the better with Punk and Bryan picking up a win. The Shield parting ways is gonna be a site to see. Roman Reigns is probably the biggest threat to Ambrose’s US championship besides Big E Langston. Big E Langston proved to be quite the formidable challenger and Roman reigns is no different. Sandow should be put back in the World title picture because of the match he had against Cena and I felt they had great chemistry. Del Rio had a decent run but he’s not the answer to replacing Cena as World Champion.

  • Triple Haytch

    Why doesn’t any of the wrestlers ever cut a promo ragging on HHH for Chyna being his girlfriend… would be sooooooo funnny

    • Timothy Graham