Triple H Discusses the WWE Creative Process & More


Grantland spoke with Triple H before last Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. Here are some highlights from the interview

Who decides to put him in storylines: “Yeah, it can come out of creative, but the ultimate sign-off is Vince. Technically, creative reports to Steph, but Steph is kind of the aggregator. Her office does everything from the magazine to digital to the shows, so it’s funny when people will say, ‘Oh, Steph and the creatives.’ She really doesn’t have anything to do with the day-to-day. I mean, she’ll weigh in on something if Vince asks or if the writers ask her what she thinks before they bring something to Vince.”

Being able to spot a star even if they don’t know what they’re doing in the ring: “Well, is Ryback the most skilled guy in the ring? He’s doing pretty good, though. When we did the Nexus, obviously we already kind of saw Wade Barrett had it, but Ryback was the guy that stuck out. And it wasn’t just because he was the biggest guy – that’s what everybody thinks. But that physique is a blessing and a curse. If you look like him, when you walk out from behind that curtain, they go, ‘Whoa, look at this guy, he’d better impress me. Because if you stink, I’m going to crap on you right away.’ Then it’s “The big guy can’t move. The big guy is terrible.”

If top stars have input on storylines: “Depends on the guy. You know, Austin – I don’t mean this in a disparaging way – Austin would look at something and go, ‘That sucks, I ain’t doing that. Come back when you get something better.’ But I would go, ‘Well, what are we trying to get out of this? What if we did this?’ And then Vince would be like, ‘That’s a decent idea, but what if we took that, but did this?’ I like that process. I think that was what worked with Vince.”

The Reddit guy posting WWE pay-per-view results: “The night we brought Lesnar in, the fans were chanting his name, and Vince said to me, ‘How do they know we have Lesnar here?’ They didn’t! They’d heard rumors that Lesnar was a possibility. But if you watched that crowd, they were f-cking blown away when he walked out there. And that’s the difference. People think they know, but they really don’t know any of the inner mechanics of what we do. Every now and then there’s something in there that will be right on, and I think that’s because talent put it out there. Talent hear things and that’s fine. We don’t really put much thought into it, to be quite honest. We just dislike when people ruin stuff for fans. It’s like telling kids Santa Claus is fake. Why do it? It doesn’t benefit anybody other than the ego of the person who put it out there. I never understood that. Why would you tell people what’s going on? Isn’t that the whole point of what we do, to keep them on the edge of their seats? I mean, yeah, we see where the Internet is going. We’re giving fans more access now and doing shows like Total Divas. But I laugh, like, when writers say ‘Oh, CM Punk laid the pipe bomb and lifted the fourth wall in a promo.’ So let me get this straight, you think we put him out on TV, he broke f-cking everything we were supposed to do, and then sat down Indian-style and started blistering everybody, and we didn’t think ‘Let’s take him off the air?’ If that would’ve been a shoot, it would’ve been off the air the second he started.”

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    • of course he’s a sell out !! and a liar, too; he says he’s straight edge but has a crippling Pepsi addiction,lol 😛

  1. It’s like telling kids Santa Claus is fake.
    Vince told the world that wrestling was a fake. They are now performers not wrestlers.

  2. people tell other people whats gonna happen or what they think is gonna happen because the storylines are usually recycled…its hard for wrestling to be fresh today. especially with run ins and finishes…but i give the creative writers credit there improving, i see the detail to storylines that are paying off. theres less plot holes! plus they have to put up with vince lol

  3. i also hope HHH doesnt end up becoming vince. i hope he sees that focusing on making one superman er i mean one star doesnt work for the fans anymore.(cause vince doesn’t) it isnt fresh! WWE has a lot of great talent hopefully the use them right and stop with them constantly jobbing. I.e wade, zach, KOFI , cody, primo, usos, etc. its a 3hour raw show and come on SD could still be better

  4. am i the only one who believes WWE(or vince) is dropping the ball with Kofi?(hes paid his dues) or does discrimination really exist in WWE.?..maybe he just needs a new finisher haha

    • Nah Vince is racist. He didn’t think WWE’s fans were ready for a black champion back in the 90s when pretty much every other major sport outside of Nascar or hockey were dominated by black athletes. I think it’s due to Vince being bullied by black cadets when he lived near an Army base down south as a teenager.

      • I agree with you on Vince being racist. He’s had a bunch of very popular black stars over the years and many of them never even got close to the belt, they were stuck at midcard or tags or in Lashley’s case, the ECW title which wasn’t much better than a midcard.

        • That’s exactly why there’s never been a black WWE champion. World heavyweight yeah with Booker T but Vince doesn’t care about that belt.

  5. the only black(or african american) to really make it in the wwe is brooker t but even he had to change(king brooker).WWE totally dropped the ball on Shelton Benjamin, they never should of let him go and dye his hair haha. Bobby leashley too but i heard he lacked passion for the business too.

    • Ahmed Johnson and Farooq should have been champs at least for a little while, they were big guys and they didn’t look as sloppy as some of the other meatheads out there.


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