Triple H Featured in Sports Illustrated, JBL Thinks The Redskins Need a Name Change


– Triple H and WWE were featured in an article in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated, posted below is a photo from the story.

Triple H In Sports Illustrated

– Chuck Carroll of the “4th & Pain” podcast published an article about JBL recently blogging about The Redskins needing to change their name.

“(The) name ‘Redskins’ it is a derogatory term and no team would now be allowed to use it,” he wrote. “It’s not like ‘Braves’ or ‘Warriors’, it’s a slur and my opinion is they need to change it … (It) doesn’t change the team or their terrific history as one of NFL’s great clubs.”

WWE Divas Looking Sexy for 4th of July……


  1. LOl,classic hypocrisy. So many “characters in wwf/wwe were and are stereotypes…the “Be a star” campaign is a complete farce.. How about when the golden boy (John Cena) bullied M.Cole? PLEASE.. The PG/PC era is total sell out garbage..

    • Josh, you’re a complete piece of garbage. WWE is sports entertainment at its finest. You can’t accept that, can you? Now of course, there will be backstage ribbing and tough love and all that… that’s to be expected, and in any profession in some form or manner. And if you don’t think so, you’re a naive little chump. The Be A Star campaign is a hell of a lot more that what Obama is doing to help raise awareness amongst kids about the effects of bullying. So go to hell.

        • My name’s not Mark, you clown. Heh, and I know what a mark is, and I am not that either. Who said anything about me being fat? Go to hell.

          • rofl..don’t know what a “mark” is but your a wrestling fan lol..go away fat kid

          • Just because I’m a huge fan of WWE doesn’t mean I’m a mark, you f***tard. But hell, if I am a mark for WWE, then so be it. It’s the only game in town.

          • LOl so you had to go look up what it meant huh fatty lulz..AND iTS FAR FROM THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN..keep buying cena gear enjoy those fruity pebbles..

          • You obviously can’t read… I mentioned in the first reply that I knew what a mark was. Your ignorant ass continued to believe I didn’t know what it was. And the WWE IS the only game in town and once again, you’re wrong as I am NOT a Cena mark. Buzz off, s***face.

          • Lmao, your such a didn’t know what a “mark” was until I TAUGHT you. Now your using it in your posts lol..I can read just fine fatty..its all in your your trying to play it off like you knew all along. Man up “tons of fun” you got caught posing and only making it worse for yourself and entertaining for besides I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly..

          • Your stupidity and ignorance frightens me… 5’11, 185 lbs… not really fat now is it?

  2. Most of the time i agree with alot of what JBL says but this time i disagree..I am Native American and i do not find the word REDSKINS derogatory


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