Triple H Has a Proposal for the Rhodes Family

Michael Cole announced on Twitter that his next interview with Triple H will be up this afternoon. Cole also noted that Triple H will have a proposal for “the entire Rhodes family.”

“Check out later today for my latest interview with @TripleH. The COO with a proposal for the ENTIRE RHODES family”

As noted earlier, Dave Meltzer recently noted that there was talk of doing a Rhodes Family vs. The Shield match at Battleground.

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  • Shaun Simpson

    Golddust….Dusty and Cody vs The Shield? for Cody’s job back…Rhodes wins…interference from Big Show?

    • Mr. Baker

      Yes! Yes! Yes!..I like it.. Yes!….I forget what that’s from but I think its a sure bet Show is involved somehow…Or for an added twist…Goldust doing the turn on Cody for being the one to take the RHODES to success…cheesy pun from the school of Foley..setting up the much talked about WM match between the brothers…Yes this would stretch the storyline out but meh..I have nothing better…

  • I’m Expecting Big Show To Go Full-Out Heel.