Triple H Hypes Tonight’s WWE PPV, Congratulates Floyd Mayweather


– Triple H hyped tonight’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view on Twitter this morning:

“Headed to tonight’s “Night of Champions” in Detroit. Is @WWEDanielBryan on level of @RandyOrton ? Will @HeymanHustle survive @CMPunk? #BFB”

Triple H also congratulated Floyd Mayweather on his big win last night and says he’s proud to be a part of The Money Team:

“Congrats @FloydMayweather 45-0 you ARE boxing my friend!!!! Proud to be part of TMT”

Big Spoiler for Tonight’s WWE PPV, What’s Next for Heyman?


  1. Everyone knew Floyd would win he’s 45-0 and he was facing an up and comer he wasn’t getting payed what he often does cause the results were obvious

    • that “fight” was pure hypefest…If you saw it Canelo’s corner was DEAD…no advice, no tips..NOTHING…All that BS talking on Full Access and THAT is the result they yield…Sad sad fight for Canelo…22% of his punches???Wow dude…I laugh cuz Floyd just keeps taking ppl’s belts

  2. Thank f*** I checked on this site before going to beddy byes.
    I thought NOC was next week, the joys of being unwell. 🙁
    F*** you flu, I will be victorious and last till 4am …… maybe.


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