Triple H Interview Highlights: Orton’s Actions, Brock vs. Big Show, Punk’s Conspiracy, More


Renee Young filled in this week for Michael Cole to interview Triple H. Here are a few highlights:

* Despite Orton running off at the end of RAW and being called a coward on social media, he has to defend the title against Cena this Sunday and he can prove he’s not a coward.

* Triple H said Brock Lesnar is the most amazing and intense athlete he’s ever been in the ring with. He said that Brock’s match against the Big Show will be very interesting.

* Triple H said that there is no conspiracy for CM Punk being number one in The Royal Rumble match, and that someone has to go in first every year. He goes on to say that if Punk is the best, then he should have no problem going in first.

* Triple H then talked about Batista’s return to the company. He said that Batista is ready to roll and he made his intentions clear that he is going after the WWE title. Triple H then said it’s premature to know if Batista can be the face of WWE since he’s been back “for one day” and has to jump through a lot of hoops before he can be in the running.

* Triple H admits that “it’s not all that hard to imagine” Batista as the face of WWE if he were to do that.

EXCLUSIVE: From Royal To Worthless?????

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