Triple H Offers Kevin Owens a Place on Team NXT, Undisputed Era Attack Leads to All-Out Brand Warfare


The war is on, and the King of Kings isn’t playing around.

Triple H has issued an open challenge to anyone from the Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown rosters to show up and fight this Wednesday on WWE NXT, just days before all three brands are set to battle at Survivor Series.

The Game led the entire NXT roster to Boston tonight, resulting in a show-closing brawl between dozens of Superstars.

Triple H had approached the ring just moments prior to offer Kevin Owens – a former NXT Champion and someone he claims has never been wanted or understood by the main roster – a spot on the black-and-yellow brand’s team at Survivor Series.

It looked like the two might have actually been about to reach an agreement, but a surprise attack from the Undisputed Era stopped things short, despite audible protests from Triple H. This led to members of Raw, Smackdown and NXT pouring out into the ring, and ringside area, for one of the biggest brawls we’ve seen in some time.