Triple H On Britt Baker Being Shown During WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames


During the post-show media call, Triple H addressed AEW’s Britt Baker being shown during WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames in the crowd.

Baker, who is Adam Cole’s girlfriend, was shown in the crowd during the main event of the show. Triple H admitted it was an accident, as the director wanted to find the most-concerned looking woman in the crowd and that just so happened to be Baker.

Triple H joked that the internet likes to make something from nothing and he doesn’t have a problem with her being shown on camera. However, he did note that he felt somewhat bad as he doesn’t want her getting heat from her current employers (AEW).

He added that Britt doesn’t have an issue being shown either, but doesn’t want her being in trouble. He did give Baker some props though, stating she is doing a great job.

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