Triple H Comments On Velveteen Dream’s Gutsy Takeover Tights, Shayna Baszler & Horsewomen React to Title Loss (Video)


WWE has released the following video, featuring Shayna Baszler reacting to losing the NXT Women’s Title at Takeover, claiming Kairi Sane did not “win” tonight, but rather Baszler lost:

Triple H Reacts to Gutsy Velveteen Dream Takeover Tights

As seen at NXT Takeover tonight, Velveteen Dream wore ring pants which read “Call Me Up Vince”, which was likely a reference to rumors of Dream’s impending main roster call up.

During a post-Takeover media conference call, Triple H joked about Velveteen Dream’s Takeover pants by saying, “You thought he meant Vince McMahon?! Dream has a friend Vince who just lost his phone.”