Triple H Responds to Bobby Roode’s New Performance Center Claim, Reveals Which Takeover Bout Is a ‘Dream Match’


As noted, Triple H is currently conducting an NXT Takeover Chicago media conference call, in which is participating.

During the call, The Game was asked to comment on remarks made by Bobby Roode in a recent interview, during which Roode claimed WWE is looking to create a new Performance Center facility.

“From what I hear, it’s [Performance Center] going to continue to grow. I heard that they’re looking to build a new facility — a larger facility,” claimed Roode.

Triple H responded to Roode’s comments by saying that Roode’s information is “glorious but not always accurate”. He said it’s something they’re looking into, but no steps have actually been taken to start the process.

In other media call news, Triple H hyped this Saturday’s NXT Takeover Chicago event and specifically labeled the scheduled Ricochet vs Velveteen Dream bout a ‘dream match’ for fans:

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