Triple H & Stephanie Attend Fights, Bray Wyatt’s New Look

– As noted earlier, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon noted on Twitter that the two would be attending the Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero boxing match in Las Vegas. Here is a photo of the two at the event.

Triple H and Stephanie at Mayweather Fight

– We also noted that several NXT Stars were working WWE live events this weekend. Bray Wyatt debuted a new look, now sporting a face mask. You can check it out below.

Bray Wyatt New Look

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  • allan mccann

    Wtf Cody Rhodes already did this…not to mention how does this fit into what ts character. He better not debut like this

    • trikky143k

      I totally agree. It does NOT fit at all. Bray Wyatt is the real deal. He can wrestle, he can talk, and he HAD a great look.He is probably the best (male) talent NXT has. I really hope they don’t ruin him.

  • Travelers2013

    I think the guy sitting in the background from Triple H is George Lopez.