Trish Stratus and Lita Discuss Their WWE RAW Main Event In 2004

– Fans of recently voted for the top 10 moments between Trish Stratus and Lita. The two former Divas then commented on those moments. The #1 moment was their RAW main event in December 2004. Here’s what they had to say:

Trish: “We were totally honored when we found out. We had worked our butts off to bring the level of our matches and the interest in our feud to this point, so it was like our hard work had paid off — we worked for that main event spot and we earned it — that felt great! We knew we had a huge responsibility to pull off something great. Thankfully, I have to say, it all came together quite easily for us considering the pressure. We had worked so many matches, we knew each other really well out there and the crowd was totally into it, which always creates a good environment to work in. One thing I do recall was our locker room was filled with a bunch of girls worrying about what to wear and Amy and I looked at each other and laughed because that was the last thing on our minds! I think we both wore the same outfit we wrestled in for the house shows that weekend! I guess what I’m saying is this is one match we knew people would be watching for more than what we were wearing.”

Lita: “The timing of that match was great. Trish and I had been featured in the main event prior as a tag with Rocky and HHH, but this time was all ours. We were so thankful to be given the opportunity, but at the same time knew we could step up. We’re both people that thrive on some pressure and a good challenge. So, that suicide dive… I remember Headbanger Mosh, or was it Thrasher, it was the one who was Beaver Cleavage, anyway, he was explaining to Trish that she needed to absorb me like a “venetian blind”…. clear as day, right? Well let me tell you a Venetian blind at 6 plus feet and 200 plus pounds crumples a lot slower than a tiny Trish. At any rate, it was the most confused I’ve been after a bump. I had eyes on Trish, my feet didn’t get caught on the rope, but when I landed it certainly didn’t feel normal. We were on the narrow side of the ring and with her already bumping and having to aim so low it resulted in what I historically refer to as a scorpion bump. I don’t recommend this, however, somehow I was totally fine. Watching it back I immediately sit straight up as in a “What the hell just happened, am I paralyzed type of thing?” I quickly realize I am not, but judging by the crowd reaction, it must have looked pretty bad. Good, that means I have an exaggerated 10 count to chill out, be thankful I am okay, and continue to rock Charlotte Coliseum as no two women have before or since.”

Must See GIFs from Lita and Trish Stratus’ WWE Days, Possible CM Punk Spoiler…

  • Douglas Marinosci

    Trish and Lita are the best divas ever!

  • HC Duran

    Oh for the days when the female performers were actually respected. There ought to be an annual “Mae Young” Divas Championship match each January as the main event of RAW. That would lock in the division as deserving one such match a year. Otherwise, the way things stand in the current WWE, I don’t see a Divas match EVER main eventing RAW ever again, no matter how talented or over the women on the roster are.

    • Timothy Graham

      The women’s division does need to be promoted more and have quality matches but the mae Young” championship is a step back. Mae is a legend and should rightly be honoured but the men’s title isn’t named after anybody.

      • HC Duran

        It’s not about titling the championship after Young, it’s about naming a MAIN EVENT match on RAW after her, as a means of insuring the Divas get one such main event per year.

        • Timothy Graham

          I stand corrected on the championship point but I still think it’s a mistake to give the women’s division one day to shine when they could be given better matches and angles all year round. Of course, that means they would need women who can wrestle and not women who see WWE as a stepping stone. In any case, we need more like Lita Trish and Jacqueline and less Bellas.