Two Talents Removed from TNA Roster Page


TNA has removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from the roster section of their website. Both had their contracts expire and were believed to be negotiating new deals.

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  1. Funny how we all know they will be back in WWE soon. Meaning Cena will cheat on Nikki with Mickie (we all know that ended his first marriage ended), and Anderson will get hurt again every month

    • I don’t think WWE is in a rush to sign either of them. Anderson was locking horns with Orton, who is tight with HHH, who likes to play favorites. WWE was always on Mickie’s case because they felt she didn’t have the ideal divas “look”. Fans were even encouraged to call her “Piggie” James, a demeaning remark that certainly doesn’t seem to fit in with WWE’s anti-bullying stance. Keep in mind WWE had no trouble letting these two talents go in the first place. Why would they bring them back now?

      • That’s because Vince is like Hugh Hefner. I remember an episode of Rikki Lake where there was a playboy search. It came down to three ladies. Two had curves and hour glass figures without being fat while one was thin with fake boobs. Hugh’s brother had them have a sack race and the thin girl with the fake boobs won. He then explained how models needed to have endurance. What he really meant is they needed to be thin, blonde and have fake boobs lol.

  2. WOW they said Ken had a new deal but Kevin Nash said they were probably laid off and he was right. He’s been right 2 times now that’s scary. Two people that are interesting. I know Ken has a baby on the way. There is something about a baby that brings out the lay me off in a company. Sting said Kurt was out like he’s not coming back so I’m wondering what’s going to happen to TNA. They need something and fast.


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