Two TNA Events Canceled, TNA’s VOD Serviced Discontinued

– TNA canceled the live event on Friday August 23rd from Yakima, Washington and on Saturday, August 24th in Eugene, Oregon.

– TNA issued an e-mail to subscribers on stating that the video on demand service will no longer be offered as of Friday, August 2. Refunds are being issued to subscribers.


  • Josh Cervera

    Hmm, maybe the beginning of the end..

  • Jay

    This doesn’t sound like a major wrestling company to me

  • Shaun Simpson

    Dumb f***ers..
    Was excited to see TNA up here..even if it was not an Impact taping then they pull this s***…grrrr

    • Louisa Baton

      They are in financial trouble and they are firing all their key players. Hogan has some awful luck running things. He was in charge of midget wrestling for about two months and that folded faster than my laundry lol. Bischoff is terrible with people. I don’t know if he’s a bigot or petty but when he comes to a promotion all the non White people start getting fired or demoted and the woman, unless they show all their wears start to disappear. You’ll get to see some good wrestling soon I hope. Turn on ROH because they had the best cage match I’ve ever seen Saturday night. It lasted fourty minutes and I enjoyed every second.

      • Shaun Simpson

        I agree with you…on all counts…even ROH…but There are a few guys I would love to see AJ Styles and the Xdivision matches…and I’ve never seen ROH in my neck of the woods…only internet and reading

        • Louisa Baton

          Oh man you should get it because it;s good. My regret is I go to the mountains twice a year and they don’t have it either. You could probably get it on some internet tv or youtube. It’s about three weeks behind; like a soap opera but it’s better writing and less mush lol.