Two WWE Announce Team Members Comment On JBL Leaving SmackDown Live


As noted yesterday, JBL announced via social media that he will be stepping away from his role as one of the members of the SmackDown Live broadcast team, a report that WWE later confirmed via their official website.

On Saturday, fellow WWE announcers Tom Phillips and Corey Graves took to Twitter to comment on JBL’s departure and to thank him for all that he has done for them over the years. Soon after both posted their tweets about the news, JBL responded to each of them.

“John, you’ll be sorely missed on Tuesdays,” wrote Phillips via Twitter this morning. “Explore your passion to the fullest. Thank you for everything, [JBL]!”

JBL responded, “Proud of you Tom! I saw your talent at NXT and knew you were the guy. A huge honor to call Wrestlemania with you!! Smackdown is in good hands.”

Corey Graves chimed in on Twitter with this message to the former WWE Champion.

“This makes me proud [and]breaks my heart. Congrats [JBL, and] mostly THANK YOU, for being a friend [and]all you’ve helped me with.”

JBL responded a few minutes later with this message to Graves.

“You are the future [Corey Graves, and] the future is very bright!! So proud of you. Very talented, a good man. You are what is right about this biz.”