Tye Dillinger Comments On The Possibility Of NXT Going To Spain

– WWE NXT Superstar Tye Dillinger recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling about a wide variety of wrestling topics, check ou the highlights below:

On the possibility of NXT going to Spain:

“First and foremost I love Spain. It’s on my bucket list of top three places I want to visit. I’ve already knocked one off, we were just in Australia this past December of last year. That’s one of the list. I have Spain, so I’m hoping because the NXT tour in Australia was such a success, I’m hoping in due time NXT will visit Spain. I have no doubt NXT will get there at some point because NXT is growing at such a massive rate, that we’ll probably try and take over the world at some point, but we’ll be there shortly.”

On why he decided not to join Sanity:

“I don’t believe in their way of thinking. Eric Young has a certain set of values, and I’m surprised that he found three other people that share those same values and that same vision. I just don’t. I don’t believe in the eradicating people that stand in your way. I don’t believe in, if you don’t get your way, you force your way. I believe in competition, I believe in the better man wins. I believe that if you hang on long enough something good is going to happen. So when the opportunity to join them came to light, it was a very easy decision to say no. Based on those principles alone.”

Props: Jon Fuentes of WrestlingInc for transcription