Tyler Breeze Impresses WWE Officials, D-Young Injury Update

— Darren Young was walking fine during several recent appearances in Los Angeles, CA this past week. Several people who saw him at a Mattel corporate event said he was walking fine and showed no signs of injury. Young has also been participating in a YouTube #ProudToPlay campaign to support LGBT Pride month and the World Cup event in Brazil.

— According to sources, WWE officials were very happy with Tyler Breeze’s match with Sami Zayn at the NXT Takeover special. One source noted that “his WWE stock went up big time” following that match. Zayn has also impressed WWE officials in recent months.

— The WWE Community website recently interviewed Zeb Colter regarding Amelia’s Law, which was recently signed into Tennessee state law. The law was named after Colter’s granddaughter after she was killed by a drunk driver back in August of 2012. Of the law, Colter said:

“I guess I’d like to say that I think Amelia’s Law should be adopted nationwide. It’s actually a very low cost initiative with a tremendous benefit. If you’re going to parole repeat offenders, at least monitor them. Or this is going to happen time and time again. If this does nothing else, it might wake up people around the country that will make enough noise that their state legislators do something about it. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and society gets a great benefit.”

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  • Nat James

    The problem is regardless of how good Tyler Breeze is in the ring his ‘Metrosexual’ gimmick is never going to get over on the main roster and he will be in the same position Heath Slater is in a few months after his main roster debut.

    Turn him back into Mike Dalton.

    • allanb

      hes not metrosexual at all. think of him as like zoolander. hes kinda making fun of models

  • jive

    Do you watch NXT? He’s probably got the most personality in NXT and has actually made his character stand out. He completely stays in his gimmick fully committed to it. Sure he may only get as high as tag titles or at best ic title run but he definitely can succeed with the character. And comparing him to heath slater a little harsh i think he’s more likely to go as low as Fandango if we’re talking gimmick limitations. Plus Fandango may still get another push down the line if he stays healthy. It was his injury so early in his initial push that hurt his momentum. As long as Breeze stays healthy he should get over. Thing is, he’s so good at being Tyler B that he get Breeze that he got a following in NXT.

    • allanb

      tyler breeze is good at his gimmic but i hate his boots lol. and zayn has a far better chance of making it hes another “indy darling” and wwe really has to do little with those guys to get them over