Tyson Kidd On His Career Ending Injury, His New WWE Producer Role And Total Divas


WWE Producer, Tyson Kidd recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his new role as a producer and his career ending injury. Below are some highlights of the interview, but you can check out the entire conversation in the video player above.

On the career-ending injury:

“I remember everything, i lost feeling for about five seconds it was scary, time stands still you just sit there in no control, I was at somebodies mercy, you body feels like it weights 2000 pounds. There was a weird voice telling me this isn’t permanent. I went to a hospital and the guy came the next morning and said I want to do emergency surgery, fortunately with WWE we get the best.”

If he will return to the ring:

“When I get asked I always say never say never but I am happy with my job right now, I love it. It’s hard to say because I do feel fulfillment out of what I do right now, after being temporarily paralyzed it puts things into perspective. As soon as I got hurt, Kurt Angle reached out to me, Stone Cold did, and Edge of course.”

On Total Divas:

“There’s a lot more real stuff happens on that show than you would expect. If you combine seven girls together you are going to get some drama, it isn’t like we are locked together but for example we went to away and we are there for two days and just around each other you are going to get stuff, it will be happening. I have a great relationship with the crew so, it’s all good I get along with them they’re great.”

His new role as a producer:

“I work backstage, my role is as a producer. I have been doing it for a year now and I love it. It took a little bit to get adjusted and back in the mix as I was away for a few years and I get to work with great talent. I love sitting and collaborating with people and being creative and we all throw ideas and the next thing you know some magic is being made in the ring and I had a small part of that. It feels fulfilling and there’s no physical trauma to me, so it’s all good.”

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