UFC 249 Officially Canceled; All Future Events Postponed


Another sport has now fallen to the Coronavirus outbreak as UFC 249 has officially been canceled, despite Dana White’s best attempts to make it happen.

Yesterday the UFC President spoke confidently about making the upcoming show happen, as well as future events. However, top executives at Disney and ESPN have stepped in and pulled the event due to Coronavirus concerns.

It is also worth noting that it isn’t just UFC 249 that has been affected here, as all other future UFC shows have been postponed indefinitely until the situation becomes clearer.

The decision to put events on had certainly been met with a mixed response from fans in the first place. Many were happy to see fights going ahead, while others didn’t want to see it happen due to health and safety concerns.

Below you can see Dana White’s official comments about the decision. In the interview, he promises no UFC staff will be getting fired during this period and states he will put things right for the fighters who were set to compete, and the people who worked hard to try and make it happen.


Dana has also stated that ‘Fight Island’ is still going ahead and being constructed, and that he hopes it will be ready for athletes to train at by the end of this month.