UFC Fighter Blasts Vince McMahon on UFC Tonight, Batista Featured

– As noted earlier, UFC fighter Chael Sonnen went on a Twitter rant over Vince McMahon’s proposed challenge to Dana White for a match between the two. Sonnen and Kenny Florian discussed the proposition on last night’s episode of UFC Tonight on FUEL TV. Sonnen called called McMahon “a big idiot” and liked his boss’ chances.

– Former WWE Superstar Batista is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on the home page of WWE.com.

  • at least we seen Vince in match we know it fake but Dana never been in a ring as fighter but again Dana gonna punch Vince for real and I don’t think his old body gonna take it lol

  • themans

    He’s gonna try and talk when Dana’s the one who was too scared to do it? In reality, I think Dana White has no idea the bullet he dodged.. Vince Mcmahon could be 90 years old he still wouldn’t hesitate to get into the cage/ring and see what he was made of.

  • 1000’s of workers are laughing at you right now Chael.