Ultimate Warrior Issues Statement Regarding The Selling of His Merchandise

The Ultimate Warrior issued the following statement regarding reports of him asking for 30% of any Warrior merchandise sold on eBay or he’s threatening legal action and having those items removed from eBay:

“The story regarding Ultimate Warrior merchandise that has been reported on wrestling news sites today is inaccurate.

“Warrior Entertainment have at no point demanded royalties which would allow sellers to continue producing unlicensed goods.

“Without exception, all counterfeit merchandise bearing Ultimate Warrior intellectual property will be removed without warning from all auctions sites, websites or similar.”

The Ultimate Warrior himself posted a message in our Comments section on the article about the story, which was also e-mailed to us, stating:

“Recent stories about Warrior attempting to swindle 30% royalties from eBayers auctioning Ultimate Warrior items are ridiculously inaccurate. The actual royalty demand is 110%, 100% of money made from the sale plus a 10% service fee for handling the hassle of informing others of their no-nos.

“Sorry, but ALL unlicensed goods and ALL counterfeit merchandise using the Ultimate Warrior Intellectual Property will be removed without warning from all auctions sites, websites or similar.

“It’s MY gimmick. I OWN it. If you want one, do the work it takes to create one for yourself.

“Always Believe,


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  • DisqusV

    Someone is buying Ultimate Warrior merchandise?

    • Josh Cervera


  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    I don’t blame him. He owns the brand. It’s really no different than you building a car and selling it as a Chevy.

    • Louisa Baton

      I laughed at first be then I realized he has a perfect right to be upset. Why should someone make money off of his work and likeness. He has already had that happen and now he’s in a position to benefit and no one has the right to a portion unless he wants it. He might be a little over the top and some aspects but he’s being reasonable and I respect him.

  • Joe Magana

    vinny mac made the warrior, every day that morons speaks he only diminishes himself.

  • The huntress in the night

    He created the Dingo Warrior gimmick.. the Ultimate Warrior character is owned by WWE.

    • DarkenSoul

      No actually a court ruling 3 yrs after he left WWE , ruled in his favor ,He owns the patten and the Copyright to Ultimate Warrior, ..

  • Jeff Rittenour

    “Always believe I cared about the MONEY more than anything else.” He should change his name to “The Ultimate Douchebag”. Unlicensed material I get (like pressing your own t-shirts and selling them) but if he wants money for someone selling a toy they bought and paid for legally and are re-selling on ebay that’s just GAY…like Warrior. How do his kids walk around without constant shame that their dad is such a f’n ASSHOLE?