Undertaker Facing CM Punk at WM29, Flair on Celebrity Wife Swap, WWE Inbox

– Embedded in the video below this week’s WWE Inbox episode.

– Ric Flair filmed an episode of ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” a week ago in Charlotte, NC. There is no information on who he swapped with.

– PWInsider is reporting that Undertaker vs. CM Punk is now penciled in for this year’s WrestleMania and creative is scrambling to fast-track the match’s storyline.

WWE creative is concern with Punk losing the last two WWE pay-per-views and then again to John Cena. They feel a lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania could really damage one of the two names who draw on the road currently, the other being John Cena.

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  • Mike Arienti

    No build will mean less attention. People will care because The Undertaker is back but it won’t get the hype it would’ve had they started the build to it about 6 weeks ago.

  • Easy fix, put Punk over. Otherwise, how the hell can you explain a 14 year title reign ended by a part timer followed up by another loss to a part timer and then a loss to man pushing 50 who’s come off hip replacement surgery. It wouldn’t just damage Punk, it would damage whatever credibility he gave back to the belt. Its time for the streak to end anyway, and this would be the perfect way to pass the torch.

  • the streak will end but not to CM punk. if WWE knows what sells, they know its taker’s undefeated streak at wrestlemania. They have to ask themselves every year, how many viewers will they LOOSE if Undertaker LOOSES?

  • insaner

    How much more can Undertaker take, the guy’s been through surgery not too long ago and he isn’t getting any younger either. WWE screwed up Punk’s character from being the longest reigning champion since 1988 to having a new losing streak. Would have been better if Punk was still champion taking on the Undertaker and Rock vs. Cena was on its own.

  • jim

    i think so brock lesner vs undertaker at wm

    • Mujtaba Qaryzada

      Takers body can’t take Brock’s physical, I heard that’s never going to happen

  • Undertaker keeps the streak. Nuff said.

  • Zuckerton

    The streak won’t end, nor should it. Undertaker shouldn’t even come back. 20-0 is a good way to go out. Having said that, CM Punk has been having a LOT of great matches and Undertakers last 4 Wrestlemania matches have been great. Their match could be one of the best on the card.

  • The Undertaker streak remains intact. But, the match has CM Punk shine throughout and Taker hits “Devils Gate” submission in desperation to win. He then rises and puts over Punk by raising Punk’s hand up in a “handing of the torch” fashion.

  • 316

    There should be absolutely no question about it, PUNK should win against Undertaker, because its good for business. Here’s why: FIRST, CM Punk will be in WWE for a long time and a win over undertaker and ending the streak will only be money for wwe, and a huge boost to CM Punks character. SECOND, Undertaker has only a year or 2 at the most where he can have a good wrestlemania match because of his injuries and age, so if Punk wins at this years Wrestlemania and gets a huge credit they can make Undertaker still look strong after the loss by having him return next wrestlemania and beat Punk and then he can reitre with a big win. The favor will be returned. Punk doesn’t lose anything, WWE doesn’t lose anything and Undertaker will go out on top. Plus a rematch at the next wrestlemania will be money cause people would want to see if Undertaker can defeat CM Punk, the guy who ended the streak.

  • Tom

    That Punk should never win against Undertaker. He’s already got a terrible(cynical, delusional) attitude and a win in that match would never shut him up (as if he would anyway). It makes me sick just thinking how he would be.

  • Padres4life

    Yeah they really messed up Punk. The writers have no idea what they’re doing. Watch, Undertaker will win this and that’ll be three straight PPV’s with a loss..after being champ for 434 days….WWE is such a rip off! They never do the right thing so why start now?

  • bernard

    the streak cant be over. taker is the best ever a loss at wm will ruin his career 4ever. thats why this should never happen

    • Mujtaba Qaryzada

      His career..dude. He’s done

  • Taker wont loose. Thats why wwe never had the Rick vs taker or Austin vs taker cuz they knew they could have ended the streak.

    • Mujtaba Qaryzada

      Actually the reason they did I don’t know but it wasn’t cause of the streak. In Austin and rocks time it wasn’t even considered a streak no one could break. It just didn’t happen. And taker beat hhh and hbk two guys who don’t put anyone over. Trust me rock ,austin they would have lost..

  • kyle kubite

    sting vs taker the icon vs the phenom

  • Shawn

    I’m pretty sure they should have a very painful and long battle that results in a draw [double count out due to TKO, not ring-out). Then they can spend the rest of the year rebuilding Punk since he was forced to job so WWE can have their cena/rock rematch. And then at Wrestlemania NEXT year ‘Taker can come back for his revenge (I quit match or something, since neither man ever gave up in their last one). Punk loses that one [because the streak never ends] but avoids looking weak in the long run.