Undertaker Not Through Yet?


After Taker’s loss to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania it seemed very evident that this would be the Deadman’s final match, retiring after a monumental career. It was often hinted that Taker wanted to put over a younger talent on his way out and this sort of put the nail in the coffin for that theory (no pun intended). However, there has been some recent speculation that this is not the last we will see of the Undertaker on WWE TV.

On a recent episode of Bruce Prichard’s “Something To Wrestle With” podcast he documents Taker’s early days and also briefly talks about the match at Mania stating, “It was a nice ending of a chapter… but I don’t think it’s over”.

Bruce of course being a former producer for the WWF and Taker’s first manager in the organization as Brother Love he obviously has earned his credibility as a reliable source. He went on stating that “we have not seen the last of The Undertaker in the ring”, and that “he could still go out and have a match”.

What makes this so interesting is that Bruce Prichard is one of the few people that really got to know The Undertaker and was able to spend a considerable amount of time with him, getting to be part of his inner circle. Bruce is most definitely one of the brightest minds in the business and from working for the company for so long he probably has a lot of insight as to whether or not Taker will compete again.

On top of that, there was never any formal farewell through the WWE as far a send-off was concerned. Other superstars such as Daniel Bryan, Edge, Ric Flair all got to give the fans a formal farewell but what about The Undertaker? Easily one of the biggest Superstars the industry has ever seen and he leaves with no formal send-off?

Of course, this is not a set in stone declaration of Taker’s return but in this industry it is not uncommon for Superstars to come back after the age of 50, Undertaker is no exception to that rule. Without a doubt he made an indelible impact on Professional Wrestling and I firmly believe we have not seen the last of him.

SOURCESomething To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. 2017.
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  1. He’s gonna have the hip surgery, rest up, spend time with fam… then juice up, get into shape and comeback as the aba. He retired the undertaker gothic character. He can’t wrestle takers style anymore so he’s gonna switch to an easier fight style. Plus he’s gotta get away from it at some point. He’ll come back have a last wm match do the hof thing (he can’t do it as gothic taker thats stupid) and essentially be mean mark from that point on.

    • I’m sorry but s I’ve been telling people, if he’s really having hip surgery (which is a full hip replacement), you CANNOT wrestle again. You can’t take falls again. You can’t get pinned again. You just can’t. I’m sorry but if he’s really getting a full hip replacement surgery, he is done.

      • KingZeke8 Undertaker is coming back for a different on screen role a (commentator role) as his biker gimmick as his real name it will happen plus Undertaker gonna take Corey Graves’s place as Raw’s new 3rd commentator it will happen at No Mercy or after No Mercy on Raw or before No Mercy becuz Corey Graves is now on Smackdown plus Undertaker is not retired plus Jim Ross and Kurt Angle said Undertaker isn’t done with WWE

  2. For everyone speculating that he may be done, you’ve at least gotta understand this: if he DOES in fact get a full hip replacement like people are saying he’s going to. . . you can’t come back and wrestle from that. You just can’t.


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