Undertaker Reportedy Undergoing More Surgeries & The Latest On His WM30 Status


The Undertaker is set to undergo surgeries on his right shoulder and his left hip, according to an exclusive report at WrestleZone.com.

Despite the procedures, the Dead Man reportedly told WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that he will in fact be wrestling at WrestleMania XXX – and already has a few potential opponents in mind.

“Taker would like to work with either John Cena or Brock Lesnar,” a writing team member told Wrestlezone.

“Taker also has some ideas regarding The Shield. The whole scenario on Smackdown played out great, and Taker sees big money in those three.”

Props: Michael Bluth & Sescoops.com


  1. Cena is the no brainer. Title vs. Streak. Takers wins and retires with the belt, 22-0 at Wrestlemania.


    Cena wins with help from The Shield. What better way to finally do the turn than to cost Taker the streak?


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