The Undertaker Undergoing Surgery Following WrestleMania 33

As the world witness at WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker had his final match as he loss to Roman Reigns. Dave Meltzer reports that The Undertaker is getting more surgeries and needs a full hip replacement which would end his in-ring career. Undertaker has been putting off this surgery since the beginning of the year. He undergone hip surgery last September, however the first procedure was only a temporary fix.

  • Steve

    Undertaker gone for arround 6 month due for a hips replacement.. So it will be the return of the deadman at survivor series it take place november 19,2017 where in toyota center Houston texas what a concidence or not ?? … Wwe did not remove is caracter from roster..
    Remeber during the past wrestlemania against lesner he drop his glove mma in the center of the ring and he comming back.. If a wrestler leave their effect on the mat is to symbolize their journey ending there…

    HE NEVER SAID I STOP… I personnally know him and he is not quitting only taking time off for his surgery and he help give a push to roman reign to face lesnar soon..

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