Update on Why Baron Corbin Has So Much Heat Backstage in WWE


Last week, Baron Corbin became just the third man in history to unsuccessfully cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Then, on Sunday, he lost to John Cena in what was Cena’s worst pay-per-view match in a while.

There’s clearly heat on the now ex-MITB contract holder, and during his appearance on Sunday’s Live Audio Wrestling show, Dave Meltzer talked about why there’s so much heat on the Lone Wolf.

“He has a lot of heat on him without a doubt. He got in some Twitter wars [with Mojo Rawley and John Cena]. I thought the Cena thing was all storyline so it didn’t really mean anything to me, but I had guys tell me that he’s got a lot of heat on him. I guess he blocked a lot of the guys… It’s just bad for him. He insulted a military guy, which he did apologize for right away, but you shouldn’t be doing that.”