Update: Batista’s Legit Problems With WWE Officials

As we’ve been reporting for a while, there was a back and forth over whether Batista would be staying through Extreme Rules or through Payback. Some reports suggested that the Animal was finishing up because the company wanted to book him as losing to Daniel Bryan, but the problem isn’t Daniel Bryan but rather the company breaking promises to Batista as we’ve been reporting here on the website. It’s not a personal issue between Batista and Bryan where Batista refuses to work with him. “WWE wants that story out, but it’s all twisted,” the source said. “(Batista) would do five jobs for Bryan. They’ve f—ed him in money, booking, broken promises (relating to his) schedule, and promoting his (outside projects). Had that not happened, he would be around until late June, but because Vince (McMahon) f—ed him, he’s not.”

The source adds that the company is quietly trying to promote the story of Batista not wanting to put over Bryan in order to turn opinion against Batista, noting, “…they dragged Daniel Bryan into this to vilify Batista. Daniel is beloved and a martyr so he benefits, but it has nothing to do with jobbing. They’ve twisted. It’s classic Vince. Look at Ultimate Warrior and SummerSlam, Bret Hart in Montreal. (Vince) puts out his narrative. There are always two sides.”

The source adds that Vince McMahon is directly involved in trying to resolve the situation and that things are tenuous right now. As for Batista vs. Bryan, the company didn’t move ahead with that because they want a multi-pay-per-view program with the two and that’s not possible with Batista’s promotional commitments to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Obviously this is all from one source who may or may not have a grudge of his own, so take it with a few handfuls of salt.

Source: Prowrestling.net

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  • Nat James

    Hate to say it but Batista needs to leave WWE and go to another company like TNA. The fact is WWE screwed him from the day he returned having him win the Royal Rumble and booking him in a dull feud with Alberto Del Rio instead of having Batista vs Brock Lesnor at Wrestlemania.

    WWE knew the fans wanted Daniel Bryan to win the Royal Rumble and have a match for the title at Wrestlemania and giving that spot to Batista would lead to them turning on him but they still gave it to him. The sad thing is Batista is the victim here because WWE planned on having another John Cena vs Randy Orton match at Wrestlemania before his return and had no plans to give Daniel Bryan the title at Wrestlemania so Batista took the blame for it.

    The only reason Daniel Bryan was given the title was because WWE couldn’t ignore the fans anymore along with CM Punk leaving the company so they gave him CM Punk’s storyline feud with Triple H and made the main event a Triple Threat match.

    • allan

      keep that retard out of tna they need to spend there money on talent

  • TamosC

    Batista doesn’t need wrestling, he’s got a big movie coming up and if he plays his cards right he can capitalize on it. I think he does love the business but he hasn’t been well received by the crowds since his return. He probably envisaged a Rock like reception but he’s been steadily gaining heat for whatever reason. Officials hear the crowd reaction,so I’m not surprised they are doing this. I even think Evolution came back just to try and put Batista over.