Update: CM Punk vs WWE Doctor Trial Officially Underway


The CM Punk vs WWE Doctor Chris Amann libel trial, which underwent jury selection last week, will officially begin today, reports PWInsider.com.

The trial will take place in a Cook County, Illinois court, and stems from a lawsuit filed by Amann against CM Punk and Colt Cabana following comments made by Punk during a 2014 episode of Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast.

Punk claimed during the podcast that a lump on his back, which another doctor diagnosed as a staph infection, was misdiagnosed by Amann as a fat deposit, and therefore Amann did not remove the infection despite numerous requests by Punk to do so.

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Amann has argued that the comments made by Punk in the podcast “are highly offensive in that they accuse [him]of a gross lack of integrity as a medical doctor, an inability to perform his professional duties as a medical doctor, and in placing the financial interest of his employer above life-threatening health conditions of his patients.” Amann is seeking over $1 million in compensatory damages in the case and is also seeking punitive damages.

Back when the lawsuit was filed, WWE issued the following statement on the case:

Phil Brooks’ latest claim that WWE directed Dr. Amann to file a lawsuit against Brooks is categorically false. Dr. Amann made the decision to file suit in order to protect his professional reputation. WWE conducted its own investigation into this matter and found no evidence of wrongdoing by Dr. Amann, and thus continues to support Dr. Amann and the staff that runs our world-class medical program.”

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