Update: Dusty Rhodes Vents On WWE’s ‘Best Talkers’ List

UPDATE: Dusty Rhodes has continued to vent via Twitter regarding WWE’s “Best Talkers” list. I’ll be honest – I thought he was JOKING at first but apparently not. Here are some of his latest tweets:

ORIGINAL: Dusty Rhodes tweeted the following today regarding WWE’s “Best Talkers” list:

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  • Peter Whitney

    Well, at least he is in the top five… But I find it humorous that Ric Flair ranked higher

    • Tom

      You’re kidding right? Flair was the best talker

      • Peter Whitney

        See, I said I find it humorous that Flair ranked higher because back in the 80’s Flair and Rhodes had a great rivalry.

        • Tom

          I’ll agree with that. Wrestling was even better back then also

  • Ralph Ramos

    They were both great on the mic. That’s what made their rivalry so great. Those two sold their matches on the mic better than any two rivals, which added a lot to their matches. And when you add to this how great they worked in the ring, it was truly a match made in wrestling heaven.