Update: Jake Roberts Is In & Out Of Consciousness

UPDATE 5: DDP has just posted to Twitter, revealing that Jake Roberts woke up from his coma and has been in and out of consciousness:

UPDATE 4: TMZ has jumped on the story and has spoken with Sinn Bodhi, who says that Roberts went to a doctor two weeks ago and was told he had the flu and needed to rest. He told the site that Roberts has been in pain but didn’t think anything of it because of the doctor’s prognosis.

Roberts is in ICU (as previously reported) and his immune system is weak. Doctors are letting him rest for the next few days while they conduct more tests. The site says Jake does in fact have double pneumonia and that he has been in and out of consciousness throughout the night and day.

UPDATE 3: We have now confirmed that Jake Roberts is in the UCE unit of a Las Vegas hospital. The report confirms the details of the previous report, that Roberts passed out on a plane on the way to Las Vegas for Sinn Bodhi’s show and was taken off by ambulance after the crew was unable to revive him.

Roberts was ill over the last week but decided to get on the flight instead of going to the doctor. He has yet to regain consciousness; the site notes that he is “technically in a coma.” As reported, Bodhi is there with him.

On behalf of all of us here on the website, we send our best wishes to Jake and his family, and our sincere hopes for a full and quick recovery.

UPDATE 2: Sinn Bodhi (Kizarney in WWE) posted the following to Twitter, saying that he was at the hospital all night with Jake Roberts, who is resting comfortably. Just to clarify here, despite the “update” wording, the post is the first from Kizarney referencing the situation:

UPDATED: For what it’s worth, several other sites are reporting this story, including FanSided which is affiliated with Sports Illustrated.

As mentioned earlier, we received an email last night from someone claiming to work in the hospital that Roberts was at. We opted not to run the story then since we have no history with the person who emailed us the news and couldn’t verify him.

ORIGINAL: According to reports, WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently unconscious in a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roberts reportedly flew to Vegas on Wednesday for an event, however reports claim that he passed out on the airplane and has remained unconscious ever since.

An ambulance took Roberts from the plane to the nearby hospital, which is where the WWE Hall Of Famer currently resides.

Additionally, Roberts is reportedly suffering from double pneumonia and doctors have claimed that his lungs are filled with fluid and that there is a mass on his brain.

This should be taken strictly as a RUMOR for right now until we can get further confirmation.

BREAKING NEWS: Jake Roberts Condition Is Way Worse Than Originally Thought …….