Update: JBL, HBK & Michael Cole Take A Fishing Trip

The Bermuda Sun reports that Michael Cole and JBL have filmed their appearance on Shawn Michaels’ show MacMillan River Adventures for the Outdoor Channel. They filmed the show on Paradise One in the Bermuda Billfish Blast, the first event of the Bermuda Triple Crown series.

Michaels said that he planned on returning next year with his family, while Cole said it was “the closest thing to paradise”. After fishing, he went snorkeling with his wife and toured the island. JBL, meanwhile, has a house in Bermuda and works with the Beyond Rugby program (and had a Seven Summit climb for the Family center).

He said: “The BTA (Bermuda Tourism Authority) was incredible helping cut through the red tape and getting all the permits we needed.”

The group managed to catch a few fish during their trip as well. JBL and the BTA are hoping the show will convince viewers to take a vacation in Bermuda.

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