Update: Kurt Angle Addresses A WWE Return

TSN 1290 recently interviewed Kurt Angle on his future in TNA and if he would ever return to WWE. When asked about the subject, Angle said that he is not sure what he would do next and added that he’s wide open about staying in TNA or returning to the WWE.

Angle said TNA has been great to him, but he has always wanted to retire from wrestling in the WWE. He also added that he will decide about where he ends up in December. Angle thinks he has “at least” five more years in the business, and he doesn’t want to retire yet because there are great wrestlers in WWE and TNA he’d still like to go in the ring with.

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  • Anthony Moore

    Come home, Kurt. I could see a lot more incredible matches coming out of you coming back home. If Punk came back, that’d be a top match I’d love to see. Angle-Bryan is another big one I’d love. Angle-Ziggler, Angle-Cesaro, Angle-Swagger, maybe see some new chapters in rivalries with Cena and Lesnar. I’d rather see any of those matches than Angle-“Willow” or Angle-EC3 or any of that garbage. Come home where you belong, Kurt.

  • Realest89

    i would lose all respect for kurt angle if he stayed in tna.

    • allan

      wow. what a douche u r

  • Peter Whitney

    He alway says “five more years”. He definitely should end his career in WWE though

  • HC Duran

    Do ANY wrestlers keep their promises about when they’ll quit? Angle said 2-3 years ago he was going to stop in 2014, but now he’s committing to 5 more years. Mysterio said 3 years ago he’d be done in 2014, but he’s still going. Undertaker said in 2002 he would never actively wrestle as long as Hogan had (and he thought Hogan was too old 12 years ago). I guess if they wave enough bills in your face…