Drew McIntyre Makes ‘War Games’ Promises (Video), News on Nigel McGuinness Missing NXT Tapings

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Update on Nigel McGuinness Missing NXT Tapings

As noted, Nigel McGuinness was not present at the last set of WWE NXT TV tapings, and his commentary has been noticeably absent the past couple episodes of the show.

According to PWInsider.com, McGuinness had a prior commitment which required him to travel out of the country and take some time off. McGuinness returned to WWE commentary on this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live.

Drew McIntyre Makes Three War Games Promises

WWE NXT has released the following video featuring Drew McIntyre making several promises for next month’s NXT Takeover War Games special, which will feature the return of the classic WCW and NWA War Games match concept.

During the video, McIntyre had the following to say on the event:

“This is a sentence I thought would be reserved for the history books, not an upcoming Network special. Ladies and gentlemen we are on the road to ‘Takeover: War Games’, and as Champion it is my responsibility to make you a couple of promises. I promise the title will be on the line, I promise it will be a show like you’ve never seen before and I guarantee and promise and swear to you it will be the highlight of the entire weekend”.

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