Update on AJ’s Contract Expiring, TNA Looking for Young Wrestlers, More


– Christy Hemme revealed that she was doing a shoot with FLEX Magazine earlier this week:

Christy Hemme in Flex

– TNA recently set an objective to try and uncover young talent. Going forward, they will be looking for younger workers to add to the roster.

– AJ Styles and TNA officials have been working on a new deal for a while now. They have yet to agree on a new deal but discussions are ongoing. There is a very real possibility that Styles will leave TNA and it likely will come down to money. Most people in TNA want AJ to stay but they will keep him only if it makes sense financially.

– Another wrestler facing a similar situation as Styles is Ken Anderson. Both sides are talking but the feeling is that it will come down to the wire.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. I guess Devon’s did too lol and there are more to come. I notice I haven’t seen Chavo for awhile. I’m going to like Eric alone but you guys already know how I feel.

    • Fire Eric N Hogan there distroying TNA Keep AJ Bring back Jarret as GM Dixie listen up Hogan is Just a Plague so is Bisshove Get together with ROH or New Japan Great Muta save TNa

      • Don’t you know that Dixie doesn’t really own TNA? Hogan and Bischoff have owned it for awhile noe and you can tell when Eric owns something because it looks like WCW. When Hogan owns something he gets bored and disappears for awhile and it gets canceled. TNA says they are looking for young people but that’s all they’ve been firing (Except Devon) Why don’t they tell people what they really want. I know what they don’t because you can look at their show and what don’t you see. I mean what happened to Ming’s daughter. She lost her match but they picked her and poof nowhere to be found. Jeff wasn’t perfect but at least you got to see all types of people. He mixed young and old but showcased the up and comers (and himself which he needs work on lol) I’m not saying it has too look like a we are the world video but the stew could use some more ingredients. I just keep remembering what Eddie said about WCW and how he was treated.That’s not good for business.

        • lmao what? eric bishoff and hogan dont own s***, bishoff helps build the show and hogan is just pretty much a face. there both under contract by tna , they dont own anything like seriously where you getting this info?

          • Are you serious? They are bankrolling this thing. (Well she is and Eric and Hogan are the real runners.)You can’t smell Eric all over this project. He removed Bruce and put himself as head of creative. I’ve seen this happen once before maybe you don’t remember. I’ll give you a hint, three letters. (WCW)

          • Bischoff never had to “remove” anybody from WCW because he was in the right place at the right time and had stroke long before he was on TV( as a character not the “announcer ” ). You think Hogan going to WCW was Ted Turner?? nope. Bischoff. I’m surprised you forgot that.Yes he tried to purchase WCW down the line but by that time is was too late. Its common knowledge that Bischoff had stroke and an endless payroll. That storyline from a few years back was just that..it wasn’t real ..they own squat

          • No I’m not surprised that it was Bischoff that got Hogan over there. What I told Aleen is that Bischoff has stroke in TNA as well and went in there this time along with him. I also said that Bischoff isn’t part of the talent or just a roster player like some think. He wished Bruce the best of luck on his new endeavors before slipping loudly into Bruce’s old position. This is the guy who is suppose to never be mentioned on tv. He is in charge of creative and has been for awhile long before Bruce was fire in fact when it was mentioned that Bruce wanted to ask MVP to come to TNA the next thing I read was that Bruce had been released. You can believe I know who is running things.

  2. AJ has potention he be accepted anywhere yet hate to see him leave but Anderson/Kennedy after all that talk he did on his promo years ago were he wants to do his own thing Asshole gimmick P”G13 vince won’t have him back. TNA bring back DOC an continue you plans with him Tito Ortiz look so out of it an they barely let R jackson on the ring AJ stole the show Keep his New Image but be his own Man on the MEM

    • Kenny is a good wrestler but since Hogan and Eric have come in he’s gotten no real push. They don’t know what to do with him. I don’t know him but his character strikes of a young
      Shane Douglas. He was great on the mike tons of potential but had an overall bad attitude. Now Ken doesn’t seem like a wave maker to me but then again what’s going on with him? He messed up in WWE because if he had stayed clean he was going to be in a huge storyline. I was glad he came to TNA because he could wrestle as well as he boosted. I love bikers, country beer swilling men and cowboy hats, and mafia movies but show some other types of people. James Storm, Kenny, Sting, Kurt and others are so cool but how about showcasing some other people that aren’t family members.

  3. I knew Styles would be leaving as soon as I saw his ”transformation” as did 99% of people who watch TNA

  4. WWE would be crazy not to at least offer AJ a contract, TNA has mistreated him for too long…forget the best for business BS! Wrestling fans are in for the wrestling! AJ could have help move the company up, like many people say hes homegrown, but for some reason Dixie doesnt see that. i know its not just about one person but just watching him speaks for itself

  5. Man I was hoping this was about AJ Lee’s contract expiring. It’d be nice to see the b**** go, she cannot act to save her own life lol


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