Update on Bret Hart’s RAW Return, WWE Also Holding HBK Appreciation Night


– As noted before, the May 27th RAW from Calgary will be Bret Hart Appreciation Night. This will be for TV also, not just the local crowd. Bret is still having some trouble getting around and is going through the recovery process from his second knee replacement back in February. As noted, Shawn Michaels will be returning for that show.

– At the May 24th RAW live event in Salt Lake City, it will be Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night. No word yet why they’re doing a Shawn Michaels night on a Friday in Salt Lake City of all places. Jim Ross noted on Twitter that he will be appearing for the festivities. Apparently other Legends are being brought in also.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. It is because ticket sales where extremely low for SLC. Neither John Cena or CM Punk where scheduled to be at the SLC show. So in return the WWE had to do something to draw fans.

  2. Ticket sales were never low when Nitro come to town. I get this is a House show. But at least we were given awesome spots “Like the debut” of Goldberg and more from WCW. If WWE would bring a RAW here more than once every 7 years. Maybe the SLC fans would respond better. We’ve got a hell of a good following for being in Utah.


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