Update On Bruce Prichard’s WWE Role


During the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided some more details regarding Bruce Prichard’s role in WWE.

Despite what some reports have stated, according to Meltzer, Prichard is not heading up WWE’s creative team, revealing that there still isn’t a define position for him within the company.

Meltzer added that Prichard is not technically on the writing team either, although he has been involved in that process since returning to the company.

He is believed to be one of the key guys involved in the creative process though and therefore his opinions will be weighed as such. Whilst he is high on the creative team, names such as Michael Hayes, Brian James, David Kapoor, and Ed Koskey are going to be higher on the chain of command.

This report follows a similar theme to what Bruce Prichard said himself on Something To Wrestle With, admitting that his role still needed to be worked out and that he was coming back to help wherever he would be most valuable.