Update on CM Punk’s WWE Status


Things can get very interesting if nothing happens between now and February 12th between CM Punk and WWE, as Punk is scheduled to appear on the Comedy Central show “Midnight”.

Given the amount of publicity of Punk walking out on the company, it would be hard to believe he could do that show and have that topic not come up. WWE also has a Raw event in Chicago on March 3rd. If Punk is not at the event, don’t be surprised if the crowd goes crazy. WWE is aware of this date and they are still holding out hope that they can convince Punk to return to the company. It’s up to Vince McMahon at this point.

In a sign that the company isn’t admitting anything yet, Punk is ranked number 9 on their February 1st Power Rankings.

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  1. This is such a retread..I remember Austin doing the same thing..time for some mentorship..granted Punk isn’t likely to hear from an alcoholic…

  2. This could be one of those situations where a shoot can be converted into a work, if Punk and the WWE can come to a meeting of minds by the end of the month. Say Punk stays off TV (to get his rest break), then appears on RAW on March 3, to cut an electric promo only, announcing he will have a rematch with Brock Lesnar at WM. He then takes more weeks off, performs at WM, scoring a big victory, and returns to the title picture thereafter. This deal might be enough to get Punk back.

  3. i like how punk keeps trying to change things but wwe will never change its a corprate machine.

    either way even if punk doesnt return for months chicago shouldnt be pissed hes working on alot of injuries and they need to respect that.

  4. Shame on punk for walking out. I still think hes gonna show up in chicago on raw , if not he really is gone. I think its a pr stunt


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