Update On Daniel Bryan Following Botched Main Event Finish


After being kneed in the face during the finish to the main event, there have been concerns over the health of WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Bryan was pinned by SmackDown’s newest roster member, Mustafa Ali when he was hit with the 054, but the move didn’t quite go as planned with Ali accidentally catching Bryan in the head region with his knee on the landing.

Ali could audibly be heard checking on Bryan immediately after it happened whilst he went to pin him, but there was quickly concerns by the WWE Universe online over Bryan’s health.

The WWE Champion had to be helped to the back by a member of the WWE medical team once the show went off the air, but thankfully, we have good news to report.

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It appears that the situation wasn’t too serious as Bryan has taken part in a segment taped for next weeks show already, interrupting R-Truth and Carmella. This is a good sign as WWE wouldn’t have allowed Bryan to go back out had everything not been okay with him.