Update on Dolph Ziggler’s Comedy Career, Rey Mysterio Appears, More


– WWE’s Twitter accounts are indicating that Dolph Ziggler will have some stand-up comedy shows in the near future. Ziggler made his stand-up comedy debut back in June in Los Angeles. It appears Ziggler is working with TV writer Lauren Greenberg. WWE posted the following photo of Ziggler working on material:

“When not showing off in the ring, #WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler writes material with his co-writer Lauren Greenberg. Check his Twitter for his upcoming shows!”

Ziggler working on material

Ziggler called it “Dennis Miller meets Archer.”

– Rey Mysterio made a surprise appearance at last night’s WWE live event in Tupelo, Mississippi. After Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth, Del Rio attacked him, leading to Rey Mysterio making the save. Damien Sandow ran down to cash in but Rey and Truth came back out to stop the attempt.

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During the Truth vs. Del Rio match, Del Rio’s nose was busted open and Truth had one of his earrings ripped off. Truth bled a lot which led to a doctor coming down mid-match to check on him.

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