Update on Hulk Hogan’s Status with TNA, More on WWE Speculation

– As of Tuesday afternoon, there was no new deal between TNA and Hulk Hogan. TNA sources were still saying it will come down to the money.

Regarding speculation on Hogan returning to WWE, it’s said that if he is talking with anyone there, it’s Vince McMahon and Triple H, and they’re not saying anything to anyone.

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Source: PWInsider.com

  • Fast Eddie

    Look Hogan is not really helping TNA. He gets a good pop from the crowd but he can’t draw there. In WWE Hogan can draw big numbers and we all know it. He can headline a main event anywhere anyplace anytime. If he can’t wrestle a full match, he can do a tag team or an NWO style. I’ve said it before. I would love to see the NWO return. To this day there are people wearing the shirts.It can be Hogan with new guys, it does not have to include Hall and Nash.

    • TheDazzler

      Hogan is too old and broken down to be in any type of match let alone the main event.

    • Louisa Baton

      Please! He draws everywhere he goes. He’s not a wrestler but a conversation piece but he still draws. He’s been out of WWE/F for over 15 years and people still have the yellow and red Hulk Hogan shirts. He’s not young and someday that title will befit us so don’t knock it lol. I think there needs to be more a mixture but show the younger performers wrestling and the older ones in short segments talking.Never make the talking more key than the wrestling.

      • raul cruz

        Louisa, if Hogan was still a draw then how come IMPACT attendance at the live shows he was booked on were generally the same as the ones he wasn’t booked on?

        Hogan is no longer as mainstream as he thinks he is and there are other younger wrestlers who have as much exposure as he does, such as John Cena.

        As for your remark about showcasing the younger wrestlers wrestling if you knew anything about Hogan you would know he has always gone against that sort of thing. Hogan’s philosophy was that wrestlers should wrestle less and spend more time talking and flexing their muscles.

        • Louisa Baton

          Make up your mind now. When I said that he and Eric were co helping Dixie you said he was just a talent. When I say he’s a draw you say he’s not and as for young talent he blocks them from shining. How can a man with no position or influence do this and when do you blame Dixie?

  • captainbuck

    Vince is trying to make WM30 a bouncing back for WWE and a huge celebration to drum up support for the network. He’s probably going to pay HH more for a few visits than TNA would in a year.