Update on Jack Swagger’s Arrest Tuesday Night


As noted earlier, Jack Swagger was arrested following Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Mississippi.

TMZ is now reporting that Jack Swagger has been charged with DUI, marijuana possession, and speeding. These charges are all misdemeanors.

Their report also included this mug shot photo:

Jack Swagger Mug Shot Photo

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  1. F*** that as long as he was sober during his matches pots no big deal i say. As long as theres no real drugs involved who cares. I personally like the we the people gimmick its a real issue plaguing many real americans f***ing immigrants steal real jobs from people.

    • What do you mean who cares? Its drunk driving…that’s a bid deal with all the money these guys make they should get a taxi driver or carpool not put other people in danger by driving drunk, hope he gets canned. But I will agree he does have a good angle it gives him a lot of heat, at the same time if your job is in jeopardy because of an immigrant you should have stayed in school, so stay in school children or else fear for your job security.

      • As much as I would LOVE to back you on this, it’s NOT Drunk Driving. It is driving under the influence. Which was driving HIGH for the weed found. He was not drunk AND weed.

  2. Weed…..he’s done. Rvd was twice the star and look what happen to him and that was before it was a kids show


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