Update on Reports of Sting Signing with WWE

As noted earlier, RF Video’s Rob Feinstein mentioned on Facebook that Sting has signed a deal with WWE within the last 24 hours. Since then, Feinstein has provided another update on the matter:

“I got a million emails over the day and wanted to wait before I said anything more on the Sting situation. I see that my FB post has been all over websites today and I will stand by my story as the person who told me has never lied to me and is a good source. As I stated earlier today I do not think Sting will face Undertaker at Mania. I am certain that Taker is going to face Brock at mania and I know a little bit more but I don’t want everyone yelling at me for spoilers. Trust me Mania is going to be really good this year if it’s true what I have been told. Everything changes in this business so there is nothing that you should go out and bet your house on. I still think that Sting will not be at Mania and will be on Raw the following night and be tied into the Network. I guess we will all have to wait and see but I also think WWE will def tease Sting up until that weekend but again I think he will debut on Raw and only wrestle a certain huber of dates and maybe one MAJOR match at Mania in CA in 2015 and be part of the HOF.”

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  • fmdof

    I understand why people want to see sting vs taker, but it will never happen at mania. I mean think about it. The streak would never end to Sting, and Sting ain’t going to lose his possible only Mania appearance. It’s more of a Summerslam type match, if taker would wrestle twice a year.

    • Ernie Marin

      Sting has said he won’t mind losing, he just wants a match everyone will remember, and honestly I don’t think anyone wants to carry the burden of taking the streak, as good as it might sound like, you know you will have to be undefeated in Mania or else it will make the achievement worthless for you and Undertaker.

      • Carter Williams

        I think it would also make sense that IF they were going to end the streak have a young guy do it. Someone who can use the victory to become the next Austin/Rock/Cena. To me it just wouldn’t make sense to have it ended by someone who’s already had a full career of achievements. Personally I don’t think the streak should ever end.

        • TwoBits

          Personally, I’d like to see these two fight it out in a Hell in a Cell match with several false finishes with both of them taking a huge bump at the end, knocking both out and ending in no contest. Sting’s legacy remains intact, and Taker’s undefeated streak continues as no-contest does not equal a defeat.

          But that won’t happen as these two are well past the days that a match such as this could happen.

  • Bryon Hulcher

    how crazy would it be if vince was the leak for every rumor.. and it was just a big f.u so he can change it at last minute lol

  • Dan Iacovelli

    I think he’ll be at the hof to induct his old partner warrior

  • Melissa Littlefield

    I didn’t think he had an ego this big to join WWE towards the end of his career just to be in the hall of fame. Angle & Jarrett, yes. Very fear people know that Sting & the Ultimate Warrior were wrestling partners before they become “stars” in WCW/WWF (it’s hard to say that warrior was a star). Time will tell.

  • Fast Eddie

    This is something I have been waiting for since for ever. Sting in WWE, Awesome!!!