Update on Sting Possibly Coming to WWE, Sin Cara News, Cena

– The original Sin Cara is being advertised for a Baja Stars Wrestling event on March 1st in Tijuana, which would be after his WWE contract expires, but his brother says that booking is not legit. Cara did confirm himself that he will be wrestling at the 1 year anniversary celebration of his Sin Cara Gym in Mexico City on February 1st. Once he’s done with WWE, he is expected to end up with AAA since CMLL has its own Mistico character and he left on bad terms.

– John Cena is being advertised for a WWE live event in Wichita and one in Orlando on the same night, February 1st. With both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan booked for the Wichita show, Cena will likely end up in Orlando since he’s scheduled for the rest of the Florida events that weekend.

– WWE officials have reportedly believed for months that Sting was coming in this year and it’s been talked about even more like it’s going to happen recently.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • DisqusV

    Sting going to WWE is the “same old ‘same old'”. He is not going to restart his career only to job to the Undertaker. Dixie probably cut ties with OVW to have more money to throw at Sting to stay.

    • allan

      losing to taker isnt jobbing

      • TwoBits

        Personally, I’d like to see them fight to a draw in a no holds barred type of match like Hell in a Cell. Have them pummel each other to exhaustion, several false finishes, and end with a huge move that leaves both incapacitated. That way, Sting’s legacy isn’t damaged and ‘Taker’s undefeated streak remains intact. I doubt there are many that feel the way I do, though. Besides, I’m not sure those two can have that type of match at their ages.

      • DisqusV

        What is it then?

  • fateunknown

    Sting USED to be great but now is just another old timer who doesn’t know when to hang up the boots. Wrestling might be in better shape then it is now if all these legends trained the new guys in psychology instead of working 15 years past when they should have retired.