Update on The Great Muta at TNA Offices


As noted earlier, The Great Muta met with Jeff Jarrett and TNA’s Andy Barton at TNA’s headquarters today to discuss the idea of TNA sending over talent to his new promotion, Wrestle 1. Longtime Japanese photographer Jimmy Suzuki was also in attendance for the meeting.

Assumptions are being made that this could potentially lead to talent coming Stateside as well, but nothing has officially been confirmed. An official announcement is expected soon.

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Source: PWInsider.com

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  1. allanmccann on

    see this the thing ive always like about tna there not afraid to help others grow with them i mean they have been working with japan and mexico for so long they even use to have turnys , i would love to see muta vs sting but i dont think muta wrestles anymore.

    • I stumbled on that word “turnys” you used for about 10 seconds. It’s tourney or tournament. TNA is a wanna-compete organization that simply doesn’t size up as competition for the WWE. Never has, never will.

  2. Great Muta… now there’s a rising star! What, wait… are we going back in time now? 1989 is long since over with.

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